Orobanche ludoviciana ssp. multiflora

Manyflower Broomrape
Orobanche ludoviciana ssp. multiflora

Family: Broomrape (Orobanchaceae)
AKA: Louisiana Broomrape, Sand-dune Broomrape
Photo taken on: August 25, 2017
Location: CR 142, Abiquiu, NM
Life Zones: Plains and foothills
Habitat: Open, sandy areas

Grows to a foot high with no leaves and many flowers in a dense, sticky hairy spike  The tubular flowers are whitish with purple stripes and purple lips that are split into lobes. In the center are bright yellow anthers. The plant gets taller as it ages and the flowers turn brown. It is a parasite on plants in the Sunflower (Asteracea) family particularly Ragweed which was growing nearby.

Blue/Purple Long Clusters