Aquilegia caerulea

Colorado Columbine
Aquilegia coerulea

Family: Buttercup (Ranunculaceae)
AKA: Colorado Blue Columbine
Photo taken on: August 2, 2008
Location: Poverty Gulch, GV, CO
Life Zones: Montane to alpine
Habitat: Meadows, woods, scree

The State Flower of Colorado grows to 3ft in shady aspen groves and lower elevation meadows as well as in higher elevation rocks . Leaves are mostly basal, bluish-green and divided into three roundish lobes. Flowers can be up to 3" across with five, usually blue, sepals and five white petals with long spurs. The flowers are most often blue but can be white, and rarely, pink as is the Colorado Columbine hybrid. arrow

Aquilegea caerulea



At higher elevations in scree the plants may be only a few inches high.

Photo taken on: July 14, 2007
Location: Scarps Ridge, GV, CO

Flora of North America reference.

Blue/Purple Single Flowers