Pyrola asarifolia (P. rotundifolia)

Bog Wintergreen
Pyrola asarifolia (P. rotundifolia)

Family: Heather (Ericaceae)
AKA: Pink Wintergreen, Pink Pyrola
Photo taken on: July 15, 2009
Location: Lower Loop, GV, CO
Life Zones: Montane to subalpine
Habitat: Moist, shady areas

Grows to 16" in large colonies but sometimes is lost in grasses. Flowers are waxy and nodding.arrow

Pyrola asarifolia (P. rotundifolia)



The leaves are large, shiny, green and basal. These flowers are just opening.

Photo taken on: June 30, 2007
Location: Oh-Be-Joyful trail, GV, CO

Flora of North America reference.

Pink Long Clusters