Pinus edulis

Piñon Pine
Pinus edulis

Family: Pine (Pinaceae)
AKA: Colorado Pinyon, Two-needle Pinyon, Pinyon Pine
Photo taken on: September 28, 2009
Location: Wet Mountains, Eastern CO
Life Zones: Plains to montane
Habitat: Mesas, rocky slopes, usually mixed with junipers

A bushy, evergreen tree growing to 45ft with a rounded shape. It is the state tree of New Mexico. Together with One-seed Juniper it creates the Piñon/Juniper woodlands that dominate southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico and the Four Corners area. Piñons live for centuries unless they are stricken by drought or beetle infestations as happened in the early years of this century. Needle-like leaves are two to a bundle. arrow

Pinus edulis


Pollen-bearing male cones (photo at left) and seed-bearing female cones (photo at bottom left) are on the same tree. Female cones are 2" across and produce edible seeds, prized by humans and wildlife, sold as pine nuts or pignolias. Nuts are produced every few years depending on moisture.

Flora of North America reference.

Pinus edulisPinus edulis