Bistort (2)

Polygonum viviparum

Alpine Bistort
Polygonum viviparum

Family: Buckwheat (Polygonaceae)
AKA: Serpentgrass
Photo taken on: July 28, 2007
Location: Cottonwood Pass, GV, CO
Life Zones: Subalpine to alpine
Habitat: Meadows, tundra

Grows to less than 12". Has bulblets on the stalk below the flower. Compare to American Bistort.

Polygonum bistortoides

American Bistort
Polygonum bistortoides (Bistorta bistortoides)

Family:Buckwheat (Polygonaceae)
AKA: Miner's Socks
Photo taken on: July 4, 2007
Location: Poverty Gulch, GV, CO
Life Zones: Montane to alpine
Habitat: Moist meadows

Grows to 18" in masses. Flower has an unpleasant smell when rubbed. It has no bulblets on the stem below the flower.

White/Cream Long Clusters