Death Camus (2)

Zigadenus elegans

Mountain Death Camas
Zigadenus elegans (Anticlea elegans)

Family: False Hellebore (Melanthiaceae)
AKA: Wand Lily, Elegant Camas
Photo taken on: July 11, 2004
Location: Oh-Be-Joyful, GV, CO
Life Zones: Foothills to alpine
Habitat: Meadows and slopes

Grows to 2 feet high in patches with long slender leaves. All parts of the plant are POISONOUS.

Flora of North America reference.

Zigadenus venenosum

Meadow Death Camus
Zigadenus venenosus (Toxicoscordion venenosum)

Family: False Hellebore (Melanthiaceae)
AKA: Common Death Camas
Photo taken on: May 29, 2016
Location: Wet Mountains, Eastern CO
Life Zones: Foothills and montane
Habitat: Dry meadows and open woods

Grows in a similar habit to Mountain Death Camus with long, grass-like leaves. Flowers are in a shorter, rounded cluster in comparison. It is equally POISONOUS.

Flora of North America reference.

White/Cream Long Clusters