Dusty Maiden (2)

Chaenactis alpina

Alpine Dusty Maiden
Chaenactis alpina (C. douglasii var. alpina)

Family: Sunflower (Asteraceae)
Photo taken on: September 5, 2004
Location: Poverty Gulch, GV, CO
Life Zones: Alpine
Habitat: Talus, scree

Grows only a few inches high in a low mound with fern-like leaves. Flower heads have only disk flowers.

Flora of North America reference.

Chaenactis douglasii

Douglas' Dusty Maiden
Chaenactis douglasii var. douglasii

Family: Sunflower (Asteraceae)
AKA: Hoary Pincushion, False Yarrow
Photo taken on: June 12, 2006
Location: Taylor Canyon, GV, CO
Life Zones: Foothills to montane
Habitat: Dry meadows and slopes

Grows to 12" with similar fern-like mostly basal leaves.

Flora of North America reference.

White/Cream Round Clusters