Stoneseed (2)

Lithospermum incisum

Fringed Gromwell
Lithospermum incisum

Family: Borage (Boraginaceae)
AKA: Fringed Puccoon, Narrowleaf Stoneseed,
 Showy Stoneseed

Photo taken on: May 28, 2008
Location: White Rock, NM
Life Zones: Plains to montane
Habitat: Dry areas, gravelly slopes, canyons

Grows from 4" to 20" with narrow, lance-shaped leaves. The trumpet-shaped flower has fringed petals and can be 2-3" long.

Lithospermum multiflorum

Manyflowered Puccoon
Lithospermum multiflorum

Family: Borage (Boraginaceae)
AKA: Puccoon, Manyflowered Stoneseed, Wayside Gromwell
Photo taken on: June 18, 2011
Location: Water Canyon Trail, Los Alamos, NM
Life Zones: Foothills to subalpine
Habitat: Dry woods, openings

Grows to 14" in a clump with leafy, leaning stems and narrow leaves. Flowers are tubular but smaller and less fringed than Fringed Gromwell.

Yellow Round Clusters