Erythonium grandiflorum

Glacier Lily
Erythonium grandiflorum

Family: Lily (Liliaceae)
AKA: Avalanche Lily, Dogtooth Fawn Lily, Dogtooth Violet
Photo taken on: June 5, 2005
Location: Lower Loop, GV, CO
Life Zones: Montane to alpine
Habitat: Moist meadows and clearings

Grows from a bulb to 12" in large patches. They are usually found on the edge of thawing snow but can also be found in forest openings early in the season.arrow

Erythonium grandiflorum

Glacier Lilies have 2 long, shiny leaves and nodding flowers with six petals arching backwards. The seed pod is edible.
 Erythonium grandiflorum - seed pod

Flora of North America reference.

Yellow Single Flowers