Goldenweed (3)

The Goldenweeds in the genus Pyrrocoma have reddish stems, bright yellow flowers and leafy phyllaries beneath the flower. Height and life zones differentiate the species.

Pyrrocoma crocea

Curlyhead Goldenweed
Pyrrocoma crocea (Haplopappus croceus)

Family: Sunflower (Asteraceae)
AKA: Golden Curlyhead
Photo taken on: July 15, 2009
Location: Lower Loop, GV, CO
Life Zones: Montane to subalpine
Habitat: Moist meadows, roadsides

A robust plant growing 2 to 3 feet high in masses. Similar to Orange Sneezeweed but is distinguished by the single large flower per stem and the large leafy phyllaries.

Pyrrocoma crocea

Flora of North America reference.

Pyrrocoma clementis

Tranquil Goldenweed
Pyrrocoma clementis (Haplopappus clementis)

Family: Sunflower (Asteraceae)
Photo taken on: July 21, 2010
Location: Union Canyon, GV, CO
Life Zones: Subalpine and alpine
Habitat: Disturbed moist areas

Growing to 8" with reddish hairy stems and smooth, lance-shaped leaves up to 6" long; upper leaves clasp the stem. The solitary flower heads are surrounded by leafy hairy phyllaries.

Flora of North America reference.

Pyrrocoma lanceolata

Lanceleaf Goldenweed
Pyrrocoma lanceolata (Haplopappus lanceolatus)

Family: Sunflower (Asteraceae)
Photo taken on: July 12, 2017
Location: Russell Lakes State Wildlife Area, SLV, CO
Life Zones: Plains and foothills
Habitat: Moist, alkaline meadows, roadsides

Grows 12 to 18" high with erect or leaning red-tinged stems which can be hairy. Leaves are mostly basal, toothed and lance-shaped up to 12" long. The flower heads have 3-4 rows of green pointed phyllaries. Flowers are over 1" across.

Flora of North America reference.

Yellow Single Flowers