Jointfir (2)

Ephedra viridis

Mormon Tea
Ephedra viridis

Family: Jointfir (Ephedraceae)
AKA: Jointfir, Squaw Tea, Cowboy Tea, Green Ephedra
Photo taken on: June 4, 2009
Location: Bandelier National Monument, NM
Life Zones: Plains to montane
Habitat: Rocky areas, canyons, ledges

Grows to 3ft with straight, green, jointed stems. Leaves and flowers are inconspicuous. It has many branches and is straggly in appearance. Male and female cones are on separate plants. In the spring the plants are covered in tiny cones.

Flora of North America reference.arrow

Ephedra viridisEphedra viridis
Ephedra torreyana var. torreyana

Torrey's Jointfir
Ephedra torreyana var. torreyana

Family: Jointfir (Ephedraceae)
AKA: Torrey's Mormon Tea
Photo taken on: August 18, 2014
Location: Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM
Life Zones: Plains and foothills
Habitat: Dry areas, canyons, hillsides

Grows to about 2ft tall with blue-green to grayish branches and twigs growing at odd angles. Tiny leaves at the joints are in threes compared to twos for E. viridis.

Flora of North America reference.

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