Green & Brown Flowers & Ferns

Alpine Nailwort*Bog Orchid(2)Bishop's Cap*Bunny-in-the-grass
Vitis arizonica
Canyon Grape*CockleburDock(5)*Goosefoot(9)*
Gray's Angelica*Greasewood*Green Molly*Green Pyrola
Heartleaf TwaybladeJointfir(2)Kochia*Meadow-rue
Juniper Mistletoe
Milkweed(2)Mistletoe (2)Monument PlantOne-sided Wintergreen
Pale WolfberryPlantain(5)*Prostrate Pigweed*Rayless Cone Flower
Redroot PigweedSage(9)*SaltbushStinging Nettle
Strawberry BliteSweet Cicely(2)Thicket Creeper*Wild Asparagus*
Wild Hops  
Wild HopsWild Tarragon  

Ferns and Allies

Mare's Tail
Bracken FernCommon HorsetailFragile FernMare's Tail
Rock BrakeRocky Mountain Cliff FernScouring Rush(2)

* indicates that the individual flower is less than 1/2" across