Prunus virginiana

Western Chokecherry
Prunus virginiana (Padus virginiana)

Family: Rose (Rosaceae)
AKA: Chokecherry, Virginia Bird-cherry
Photo taken on: June 18, 2005
Location: Trail 409, GV, CO
Life Zones: Plains to montane
Habitat: Slopes, woodlands

Grows from a low shrub to a 20ft tree, erect or straggling, dependent on moisture and site. It can form thickets and is often found in the understory in Aspen stands. Leaves are oval, often widest above the middle, with fine, sharp teeth. arrow

Prunus virginiana - fruit


Bark is smooth, reddish-grey to greyish-brown with small, raised, horizontal slits, called lenticels.


Western Chokecherry fruit is dark red to black and is bitter, but excellent for jelly with lots of added sugar.

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