Grasses, Sedges & Rushes

Grasses are wildflowers too but their flowers do not need to be showy to attract the birds and the bees because they are pollinated by the wind. They are very diverse and have their own beauty. Although often the dominant plant in a habitat and so important as a food source for mankind and animals, they are easily overlooked. These plants belong to the Grass, Sedge and Rush families. Grasses have round, hollow stems and they are the only family to have joints in their stems, sedges have solid, triangular stems and rushes have solid, round stems. These are common species that can be identified with the naked eye.

Annual Rabbitsfoot GrassFoxtail BarleyBarnyard Grass
American Slough GrassAnnual Rabbitsfoot GrassBarley(2)Barnyard Grass(2)
Kentucky BluegrassbluejointBothriochloa laguroidesBristlegrass - Setaria viridis
bromeBuffalo GrassSchoenoplectus acutusTypha latifolia
Brome(5)Buffalo Grass(2)Bulrush(2)Cattail(3)
Typha latifoliaSporobolus cryptandrusFescue
Dallisgrass Dropseed(3)Fescue(3)Foxtail
Pleuraphis jamesiiSorghum bicolorgrama grassesindiangrass
GalletaGrain SorghumGrama Grass(4)Indian Grass 
Oryzopsis hymenoidesKoeleria macranthaLittle Bluestem
Indian RicegrassJointed GoatgrassJunegrassLittle Bluestem
Eragrostis sppMuhlyNeedle and Thread
LovegrassLow WoollygrassMuhly(4)Needlegrass(2)
Timber OatgrassOrchard GrassPanicum
Nuttall's AlkaligrassOatgrass(2)Orchard GrassPanic Grass(2)
Phalaris arundinaceaTorrey's RushField Sandbursaltgrass
Reed Canary Grass Rush(9)SandburSaltgrass
Common SpikerushBouteloua curtipendulaLuzula parvifloraTrisetum spicatum
Sedge(11)Side-oats GramaSmall-flowered WoodrushSpike Trisetum
Common SpikerushSquirreltailred three-awnThree Square
Spikerush(2)SquirreltailThree-Awn(2)Three Square
timothywheatgrassCanada Wild RyeChloris virgata
Timothy(2)Wheatgrass(8) Wild Rye(2)Windmill Grass(2)